AJ Vanderhorst with ebooks

Ebooks, you gotta

love 'em.

Super packable. Convenient to "preview" for your kids. And maybe most important—you can start reading in minutes. 

You might not guess it, but the Kindle in my vest pocket contains more books than are on the shelves behind me.

Books for kids you'll be happy your kids are reading. 

Obviously we needed an

ebook deal. So I took my

award winning




All the Casey Grimes books so far.

...and put all the ebooks into a single set.

Casey Grimes expanded ebook collection

Then I added two exclusive short stories...

These funny flash fiction tales with a twist

are available nowhere else and I cowrote

them with my sons. :)  

Casey Grimes bonus short stories
Kid fiction authors.

And I cut the cost.

Cut cost


Cut costs on ebooks

Because I don't think books for kids

(and adventurous grownups) should

break the bank.

Book Awards

Here's the catch.

You have to buy these books directly from me. No Amazon, no Disney, no Apple.

Just me, the author.


You've got two options.

(They're both good.)

Today's special ebook deal #1:


Expanded Casey Grimes ebook collection offer
All in Casey Grimes ebook collection

All the books

at the deepest discount.

This all-in, expanded collection features

every published Casey Grimes novel with

a 70% discount you'll find nowhere else.

YES, I want them all!

Note: Offer expires on page exit.

Or, ebook deal #2:


Casey Grimes ebook offer
CaseyCasey Grimes ebook offer

That's a 70% ebook savings.

Enjoy the basic collection yourself or send

'em to your child, grandkid, niece or nephew.

Start reading in minutes. 

YES, I'm in!

Note: Offer expires on page exit.

No thanks, take me back
to paperbacks.
Casey Grimes AJ Vanderhorst book awards
5 stars

"My nephew read it twice already and

can't stop talking about it!"


AJ Vanderhorst opening books

Hi, I'm AJ. I live in tornado country with my wife, kids, and our too-many pets. My calling card is books for kids you'll be happy your kids are reading.

In case you haven't guessed, my stories take place in an alternate USA where monsters stalk the suburbs. They've won the Wishing Shelf and Readers' Favorite international awards and have been critically acclaimed by Kirkus, Bookworm for Kids, LitPick, Book Pipeline, The Strawberry Post, and many more.

It's a privilege to be able to offer these books to you at a deep discount and I'm confident you and the kids in your life will love each of these stories.

Check both ways for monsters,

AJ autograph
Purchase now.

What are the stories about?

Tree fortresses. Forgotten magic.

A monster-control academy where

battles are as common as breakfast.

And that's just getting started.

Casey Grimes thinks his invisibility is permanent until he finds a secret forest society in charge of monster control. Now he can finally be seen—but Sylvan Woods hates outsiders as much as it loves killing monsters. As Butcher Beasts invade,  courage is his only chance to belong.

Casey Grimes 5 star reviews

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